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Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaboration Assistance Program

Development of Yuica was made possible by the support of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaboration Assistance Program, administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). This is an effort to promote business activities through collaboration between small and medium enterprises and agriculture, forestry and fishery.

In our case, one of the core aims was to revitalize the local forestry sector while creating a series of products that would not only effectively utilize local resources, such as branches and leaves that were pruned, but would also become commercially successful in the local and foreign markets. This way, we would promote employment in the forestry sector, and create commercial value for materials that were previously treated as waste.

Japan's Most Treasured Resource: Forests

Given Japan’s relative shortage of natural resources (namely lack of oil and metals), it is safe to state that healthy forests and the resulting clean water are Japan’s most treasured resources. Approximately 67% of Japan’s landmass is covered by forests, making Japan the second forest-rich country in the world. Despite this, the number of people employed in the forestry sector is dwindling.

We believe that one way to ensure that people realize the value of forest resources is to create products that are directly from forests and that provide benefits in everyday living within the modern context.

With support from METI and its Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaboration Assistance Program, we set out to develop this business with the aim of increasing awareness about forestry and transforming previously wasted resource into commercial products that can become a vehicle for effecting change in the way people think of forestry.

※ This project was made possible by support from METI.

Authorized business development title: "Production and Sales of Aroma Oils by Effectively Utilizing Previously Unused Wood, Branches and Leaves in Takayama, Gifu."

Authorization date: 25th February, 2009