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Taking Care of Your Mind and Body

Walking into a healthy forest not only provides you with visual impact of greenery and other natural beauty, but also brings you a soothing feeling via other senses. Scent plays a crucial role in giving you relaxation and refreshment when you are in a forest.

It is fair to state that there are many ailments, both physical and mental, that have been introduced into our lives as we as a society have “advanced”.

We believe that some of these ailments are due to an imbalance of the five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. While tasting and touching require interacting with an object in one way or another, seeing, hearing, and smelling are affecting the way we act and feel constantly. When you are in nature, balancing those senses comes smoothly - when you are at the beach, you see the beautiful water, you hear the crushing sound of waves, and you smell the salty air; when you are in a forest, you see greenery, you hear birds chirping and you smell the refreshing air. It all makes sense, and it feels good.

When you are away from nature, however, you are bombarded by an onslaught of visual and audio stimuli, whether from the TV, the internet or digital billboards. The sense of smell is often absent in these stimuli thereby giving your brain an unbalanced load of information.

By bringing scent from nature into this world of information overload, you can begin to reclaim that balance in your brain.

Scent activitates memory and feelings

While visual and auditory information is processed in the cerebral cortex of the brain, sense of smell is handled by the limbic system in the inner area of the brain. The limbic system controls, among other things, the neural system and the immune system, which are working in our body even when we are not conscious.

You may have had feelings of nostalgia when you smell something from your childhood - it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that evokes that feeling or how it happens, and that is because your brain and body are working subconsciously.