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Extracting the Essence of Forests

Yuica is 100% sourced from natural forests in the Hida region of Japan, and also distilled and bottled in our local factory in Takayama. It is more natural than organic in a way because we do not harvest our raw materials. They are trees that grow naturally in our surrounding forests with the help of forestry management people’s effort to maintain health and diversity of the trees.

Collecting the Raw Material

Pruning trees is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy forest. In order for trees to grow, there needs to be enough space between them so that sunlight makes its way through.

When collecting Yuica’s raw materials, we ensure to select healthy trees and only cut their branches where needed so that the trees will have some “breathing space” and grow further. We never cut an entire tree down, and we take care not to hurt the trunk of the tree when cutting the branches.

The branches with leaves that we collect are grouped together by the type of tree where they come from. The picture on the right shows the local forest ranger, on the right, delivering a set of branches. Given the wide area (253,000 hectare) covered by the forestry management group, and the abundance of trees, the rangers deliver a fair amount of branches every time. For retired rangers, it becomes a source of income as well.